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school auction results

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Last night was the Catholic school auction, where we came home with season tickets to athletic events at John Bapst Memorial High School, roller skating/movie/Discovery Museum tickets, and a month worth of tumbling classes. The live auction items were for the high dollar items and my Patriotic Log Cabin quilt was the very last item up for bid. Two couples really wanted the quilt and I could hear amazement in the auctioneer’s voice as the bids went up and up. The final winning bid was $925. I am so glad that the school will get such a sum for my contribution and am grateful that there were people there who appreciate the amount of time and effort I put into it. I’m still going to pick a more simple pattern for next year’s quilt and having been given a grant for $100 by the state guild for supplies, I think I’ll enjoy making it all the more.  


Author: katherineinmaine

I'm a Virginian transplanted to the very rural and cold state of Maine. Despite having 6 children, I find time to quilt and run a lot of local road races.

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