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spring cleaning

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After visiting a quilting friend’s house over spring break, I was inspired to do something about my sewing space. I have 2/3 of a finished basement room that runs the length of the house. One day after some of the kids grow up and move out I will take over the schoolroom that connects to my sewing space and has full southern exposure. It wouldn’t be so great for fabric storage, but the lighting would be much better. I started by organizing all my fabrics, separating them into strings (in 2 drawers), fat quarter size pieces (folded and put in clear shoe boxes by color), and larger pieces (folded and stacked by color).


All the decorator fabric samples I was given by my friend went in their own bins so I can be inspired to make more notebook covers and little zippered bags to sell at the Waldo County Craft Co-op in Searsport.


I’ve also been madly making nautical themed pillows to sell there starting on Memorial Day. 


I also swapped out a bigger and more sturdy table for an old metal-topped kitchen table from the 1950’s so I have one station set up for piecing and one for free-motion quilting. Then I went through all my old projects and washed and folded a dozen baby quilts to put up for sale and put aside in a basket a heap of books, fabric, and tops that will never be finished to sell at the trash or treasure table at our guild’s quilt show this summer. So, while waiting patiently for the garden to dry out and warm up enough to till and plant, I’ve been busy as a bee cleaning, organizing, and sewing.


Author: katherineinmaine

I'm a Virginian transplanted to the very rural and cold state of Maine. Despite having 6 children, I find time to quilt and run a lot of local road races.

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