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school auction quilt

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Last year I made a queen-sized blue and white quilt for the local Catholic school yearly auction. The winning bid was $400 and so I decided this year to make a fancier quilt, a king-sized Log Cabin. The pattern is called Simple Tribute by Alice Berg from a 2003 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I’ve held onto the magazine that long simply to make this particular quilt. Now that it is finished, I don’t particularly want to make another since it contains 100 blocks, each one taking at least 20-30 minutes to make. Even with chain piecing meant that I think I put in over 100 hours. It looks a little ruffled at the edges just because it was folded just before I spread it out to photograph it, but it really does lie flat. I dropped it off at the school last week for the director of development to ooh and ahh over it. 


I free-motion machine quilted teardrops over the darker portions and stippled over the neutral portions and stiched in the ditch around each star. Next year I think I’ll pick a very simple pattern like a 4 patch posy to have more time to focus on the quilting and less on the piecing. 














Author: katherineinmaine

I'm a Virginian transplanted to the very rural and cold state of Maine. Despite having 6 children, I find time to quilt and run a lot of local road races.

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